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RPG Community: vacuata

Hola everyone! proxythepenguin here! Surprise! I'm here, advertising this new RPG community which I think everyone should join!

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There was once a dimension in which no one knew about until angels and demons stumbled upon it. The angels and demons each decided that they were fit to rule over this newly found kingdom. As many years passed by, humans had stumbled upon this dimension as well. By this time, internal war had already begun between the angels and demons, both of whom were power hungry for the other's property and the humans were dragged into the conflict. Years still passed by, more people came into the dimension, places became modernized, and beliefs and ideas became intermingled and another party came into play. Those who neither wanted the angels or the demons in power and they were referred to as "the unfaithful ones". Of course there are those who are considered "normal folks" as they actually do not think of the war itself but rather on their own life and survival. As more and more people came in, areas became more explored and more modernized, thus forming the city known as "Orostad", the main city of this dimension where everyone lives and the lights are always on. Still, more and more come into this dimension and the internal war continues. Yet there are so many people now and with so many people, you don't know who is your enemy and who is your ally. Pick your friends wisely, you never know when one might stab your back.
For more information, link to the info page

The game officially starts tonight @ 10:00 pm but we only have a few players. We're hoping to see some more applications tonight so that way, there will be more characters and we'll have more fun! We currently only have a Vincent and a Rikku from the Final Fantasy series and we'd really like to see more characters so please check it out! Applications are open all year round unless otherwise specified.

And I know I've been neglecting this place for a while but I've been uber busy lately and I apologize for not being able to keep up with this place. A huge apology to leradny because her fic is awesome but I just haven't had time to comment on it! I'm really sorry! But anyways, check this RPG out because it'll be fun and we need Final Fantasy characters. And who knows? Maybe you guys will be inspired to do something for finalfantasized after this.
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